IMC Digital is looking for a talented Front End developer / UI developer

الأربعاء، 1 فبراير 2017

Job Description

IMC Digital is looking for a talented Front End developer / UI developer, have the following skills:
Skills An expertise in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and jQuery.
A knowledge of CSS Frameworks such Bootstrap.
A thorough understanding of cross browser compatibility issues. A knowledge of media queries.
Great attention to detail and be highly organized.
An ability to multi-task on multiple projects and tasks at the same time. A positive and upbeat attitude with the ability to learn quickly. A knowledge of AJAX.
Knowledge of CSS precompilers (SCSS / LESS) and OOCSS (Plus).
Ability to build templates and web pages from design mockups. Good understanding of responsive design with experience on Mobile, Desktop and Large screens (Plus).
Excellent written and spoken English.
Experience and knowledge of front end optimizations tactics.
A knowledge of Javascript Frameworks such AngularJS (Plus).
To apply for this Job send your CV to:


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